Episode 18: Flat Earth Theory

April 9, 2017

Does the Flat Earth theory hold any water? How does it relate to a sort of flat river in Norfolk? How about a donut shaped Earth? Just how do we know that the Earth is solid with an iron core? Find out on this weeks Episode!


Roundtable 5: Mr. Charles Utkins

April 2, 2017

This episode we're getting serious about a psychic cat. Mr. Charles Utkins is no joke, and was sold for something like $80,000 to a Siberian witch. All our cats seem to make is noise. Join us on this weeks episode as we discuss the Steel needed to make the Death Star, Stephen King's IT, and this very serious Russian Psychic Cat threat.


Episode 17: An Interview with Mick West

March 25, 2017

This week I'm very proud to say that I got to have a sit down interview with Mick West, founder of Metabunk.org, Contrailscience.com, and overall debunker extraordinaire. We talk about how we got his start debunking, conspiracy theories, contrails, Morgellons Disease, and how listeners can get involved in promoting scientific and rational viewpoints. 


Roundtable 4: Dr. Strange, Time Crystals, and Significant Flooding

March 21, 2017

How much water is there on the Earth? What's a Time Crystal? Is there a bomber floating in the bottom of a river in Pittsburgh? Find out on this week's episode!


Special Episode: Mad Science Mixer with Pints and Puzzles

March 12, 2017

As a thank you to our fans, Pints and Puzzles and I are releasing this extra episode. This features us discussing how we got started in podcasting, our histories with the paranormal, and our top 5 favorite weird topics. 


Episode 16: Morgellons

March 10, 2017

What is the disease that people online seem to think is causing them to grow hairs out of their skin? How do diseases relate to memes, and what is the science behind Morgellons? Is there any proof to this disease, and if not who is out there trying to spread this information? Find out on this weeks episode!


Roundtable 3: Oak Island, Clean Coal, and Bobcats

March 3, 2017

Could Marie's friend fight a Bobcat? What's the deal with Oak Island? Is Clean Coal really a thing? Find out in this weeks Roundtable!



February 24, 2017

Hey everyone! In between putting together our own epiodes and things, I got a chance to sit down and talk to Zack of the Ghoulish Fancies on their show "Nightmare on Fear Street". Their podcast is all about R. L. Stine's amazing series of children's horror books known as Goosebumps. This week I sit down to talk about the weird science or scientific ideas behind some of the books! 

Roundtable 2: First folio and other weird stuff

February 19, 2017

Is the first folio real, or is that just a Nicholas Cage style movie thing? Find out on this weeks episode!


Episode 15: TV Doctors and Magical Berries

February 15, 2017

What is up with magical fruits and stuff, that supposedly cure everything you can possibly become sick with? Why do people believe this stuff, is there any science behind some of it, and who thought a thing called Noni berries would ever sell? Find out in this episode!